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Time runs so fast. It was just like yesterday that we met. We were in our primary school, went on to secondary school, studying in the same class, learning from the same teachers, shared erasers and pens, rulers with lots of pictures pasted on them. We even sipped iced syrup from the same glass, eat nasi lemak using the same spoon, laughed our hearts out over small jokes.

Sekolah Rendah Kg. Baru, K.L, Sekolah Perempuan Jalan Ipoh and Methodist Girls' School K.L were where the memories created.

It was just like yesterday when we opened our ears to hear what our friends had to say on their crushes. We hugged each other during bitter times. We exchanged autographs with fancy writings on them, "I have a pen, my pen is blue. I have a friend, my friend is you.",  "Forget Me Not." "You may be gone from my sight, but you'll never be gone from my heart." ...... signed, your friend, S.W.A.L.K (Sealed With A Loving Kiss.... )

Those were the days when friendship was built when all of us were nobody, no ranks, no wealth..... true friends who love each other unconditionally. 

Things changed when we had to go through different journeys. Each of us took different routes . We didn't see each other. Each one was destined as what Allah has decided. 

Today, after almost 4 decades suddenly those memories become fresh when we meet again...just us, putting aside other things for a while. We recalled back the jokes, shared each others' love stories which we missed to hear before. Listened to the love songs that made us dreaming away....The best reunion ever. 

Down the memory lane ...... Subhanallah ..... that friendship gets stronger and the hugs are warmer. Thanks my friends.... friends are forever.

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